F2O Oversight is like adding a virtual director to your board. If you have a board already, then we’ll help to optimize it and give it a structure to add value to the Executive running the business. If you don’t have a board then we’ll give you a framework to set one up pragmatically.

This isn’t about adding a whole lot of overhead, it is about putting a structure in place, that will guide your business with some oversight. This can add incredible value to your business and help it function more effectively.

And here’s the kicker. It will make your business more valuable in the eyes of outside investors and financiers.

It’s also going to give the Founder of the business a mechanism to transition towards becoming a Business Owner. The board that you put in place is going to be set up to support the owners ensure that the executive of the business stay on track, measure progress appropriately, and deliver the Owners Mission.

It’s a four-stage process, and we are here to guide you in the set up with tools, process and advisory support from our own experienced Business Owners who have been where you are.

Done right, your company is going to have some great oversight in place. We are going to ramp up the professionalism and help your company become an Enterprise.