Building a successful business is about making decisions. At the start the Founder makes them all. As the business grows and more staff join the team this gets progressively harder and harder. But make no mistake decisions still need to be made.

But decisions need to be made based on data and based on information. The business world we operate in now is complex and becoming more and more so. The business grows and we get busier and busier. So often we stop making the same level of considered decisions. We do it based on gut feel or based on what we have always done.

This is fine until it stops working.

The reality is that the quality of the decisions we make is based on the quality of the analysis and consideration that we have done. And the quality of analysis and consideration comes down to the quality of the questions that we ask. Often the right question isn’t the first one that we ask. It is the one that it triggers, or the one that the next one triggers.

It is also true that the ability of the Founder to keep on being the one asking the right question becomes more limited the busier that they get. So, if better decisions come from better questions how do we, as Founders, start asking better questions?

By getting out of the way of the business and creating more time. And, by involving other people, with different perspectives to ask questions. It is about bringing the right amount of people together to consider a particular topic and feeding off each other.

Better questions and better decisions don’t come from just one person. They come from bringing together groups of people, getting curious on a topic, sharing alternate perspectives, and not accepting the first answer that appears. Deep dive. Dig deep.

Better Questions. Better Decisions.