Once you have a baseline set, and you have in mind what the mission and the end goal defined you can work on the “in between”. You may also choose to break up the goal into phases.

For instance, let’s say that you have a 10-year timeline for the business. You might split that in to three phases:
• Phase 1 – 3 Years
• Phase 2 – 4 Years
• Phase 3 – 3 Years

You can then work on what will happen in those phases. Perhaps it looks like this:
• Phase 1 – 3 Years – Build a Business Platform
• Phase 2 – 4 Years – Grow & Expand Services & Geographies
• Phase 3 – 3 Years – Embed Positioning & Sell Business

You can adjust to suit yourself but now you can think about what will be required for those phases. You’ll probably have different people requirements to support each of those, different system requirements, and definitely different skill requirements.

Now, also you can start to think about what your role, as the Founder, will be in each of those. Are you running it for the whole time? Are you the right person for each of those phases? What do you want out of this? Remember, this is about getting the business to serve you, and not have you serve the business.