There are plenty of great systems you can look at to adopt in your business that will help you build better operations.  Check out:

  • GeniusU Wealth Dynamics
  • Rockefeller Habits / Scaling Up
  • Entrepreneurial Operating System

But, they don’t necessarily help you get yourself out of the way and transition from founder to owner.  When you can make that transition you move from “inside out” to “outside in”.  And I won’t sugar coat it, it can be confronting.  As a founder we know our value, it is in the work we do.  Stepping away from that means re-invention.  You won’t have the same level of control.  You will be dependent on others.  And to do that you’ll need some tools, which I can show you.  But on the upside your business will be open to be the best version of itself possible.  You’ll create the space to do other things be it personally or professionally.

I’m never going to suggest that you can just stop what you are doing now.  Today I am a business founder.  Tomorrow I am a business owner.  Not going to happen.  It is a transition and will take some time.  That why we say start with the end in mind as it will time to get the business to where you need it to be to serve you in the way you want it to serve.

You’ll need to change a number of practices.  This is ultimately going to cost money to put those practices and systems in which means your company is going to need to be big enough to sustain it.  If that’s not for you then step away now, but if it’s a journey you want to take start to take the steps.

So if its going to take money then the business finances are going to be critical and you’ll need to learn to understand them and how they work.  They don’t have to be scary, but there is effort required.