In F2O BluePrint you established several key items that are pre-requisites for this step in the F2O Oversight process.

Firstly, you set the Principles: This established the Purpose, Values and Owner Mission that set what the Owners want from the business, and sets the basis for the role of the Board. The Board, in simple terms, become the guardians of the mission.

Next, you set the Pathway: This established the strategic initiatives of the company (now, next, later), along with the associated risks. This forms the basis of the intended direction of the business for the foreseeable future. The role of the Board is to ensure that these strategic initiatives are aligned to delivering the mission and that the risks are being adequately monitored and mitigated.

From Pathway, you set the Plan: The Plan established the organizational structure necessary to deliver the strategic initiatives now, next, and later. This step is the responsibility of the Executive in the business, but it is the responsibility of the board to provide oversight, ensure appropriate corporate policies are set up to guide the Plan.

Finally, you set the Practices: The Practices defines the rhythms that operate at the governance level of the business and ensures that they are aligned to the rhythms of the business executive. In this way the key business ownership processes are synchronized with the key business management processes. Information flows effectively up and down, and roles are clear. The board can add value without taking on the management responsibility of delivery.

So as part of the Enterprise Intent we will conduct a series of workshops with you to review your above collateral with a view to helping you tighten it and align it with the intent of the Enterprise and where it is heading (Growth, Harvest, Exit).

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