In F2O Ready we want you to think about what your plans for your business will be. We want you to answer questions like:

• What is my business purpose?
• How big do I want this business to be?
• What role do I want to play as it grows?
• How will I exit my business?

For some of you, these might seem like big questions, but it all about “starting with the end in mind”. By pondering some of these questions, and the guidance that the different membership levels that this site provides you will have a virtual partner poking and prompting you. Ultimately, we want your business to serve you, and not have you serving your business. Easy to say, but harder to achieve as you will find as your business takes off and grows!

The journey has several steps, and it isn’t linear, but here they are.
• Personal Flow
• Business Flow
• Business Wealth
• Personal Wealth
• Contribution & Legacy

Here it is in slightly longer form:

Find where you are happiest and what you love doing. This is your personal path to satisfaction and will guide you to where you are happiest operating in your business. This is where we want to anchor your ultimate role. Next, we want your business to flow. Jim Collins calls this as building a “flywheel” and it is about creating business momentum. Tip – you want to build this system but not be critical to its operation. When you create business flow the business becomes more profitable and will generate more returns. These returns can either be invested back into the business or returned to shareholders (you) through dividends. From regular returns you will build your personal wealth. Personal wealth gives you the freedom to design and build the life you want as well as define your long-lasting legacy and contribution back to the world.

That’s it in a nutshell. Business Balance Sheet is your virtual advisor to help you set this up. It’s aimed at business owners and built by a business owner who is the proof.