The Webster dictionary describes flow as:

The word flow has many shades of meaning but most involve the steady movement of something. … The verb flow often describes the movement of fluids, such as water or even blood, but it can also describe other things that move in a constant stream.

So why on earth are we talking about “flow” on a business site for?  Well I think it actually at the core of it all.  When we are a founder in a business and it is growing it can be an amazing feeling.  Revenue is coming in, customers are buying, suppliers are happy.  The business is “flowing”.  Things feel right.  They feel easy.  And that is flow.  And then it goes wrong.  It doesn’t feel so right.  The business isn’t “flowing”.

And here’s the thing, when your business isn’t flowing it affects your personal life.  It affects your personal flow.  So I strongly believe that personal and business flow are intertwined.  It makes sense to look at ways to get them both working.

GeniusU have a great profiling system related to personal flow and understanding self.  You can take a free Genius Test. It will introduce you to a model that helps you understand your own profile and when you are best in personal flow.  If you are in personal flow then that will be your happy place.

Take the test and upload your profile results pdf below.  That way you’ll always be able to get your hands on it.

We talked a bit above about business flow about when it felt right versus when it felt wrong.  There are a number of factors involved but I’m going to define it in financial terms.  I describe it as an efficient conversion process of creating assets.  Turning those assets in to revenue.  Turning that revenue in to profit.  And turning that profit in to cash. Rinse. Repeat.

So I’ve covered off personal flow and business flow, but I want to give you a set of activities that I think are inter-related and then when combined let us get what we ultimately want out of life. Ready? Here They Are:

  • Personal Flow
  • Business Flow
  • Business Wealth
  • Personal Wealth
  • Contribution & Legacy

The tools on this website are all aimed at progressively unlocking these things for you and your business(es) as we progress through the different membership levels. These tools will be opened up as your business grows.