The focus of F2O Insight is to assist in providing you a mechanism, using mentorship, and an Advisory Board, to support your strategic initiatives through specialist advisors. This doesn’t happen immediately and will be done over a period of time. This is probably a 12 to 18 month process of transition. That’s why you need to start now!

Now it’s true that implementing strategy is generally not free. It will involve time, money and resources and will definitely involve changing thinking.

So, it becomes important to understand the current Strategic Capacity so that the strategic initiatives and associated risk can be managed and achievable.

And that starts with the financials.

Fill in the attached form and we will undertake a financial diagnostic based on the last three years of your financial results.

<< BBS Diagnostic Form >>

When the diagnostic is complete, we will share that, as well as several insights on the operations of your business, and a virtual debrief of where you are, and concrete steps that will improve cashflow and whether your current strategy can be funded, and what you might do to manage that.

Here’s how we link capacity to strategy: