Personal Flow

In our “F2O Ready” pack (which you have access to <>) we introduced flow and why it is so valuable on both the personal front and the business front.

We now want to dig a bit deeper and give you some more tools. The Genius Test was a free test to give you an introduction to your profile type. So, which one were you?
• Dynamo
• Blaze
• Tempo
• Steel

Well with this membership we can go a level deeper to find out your profile type. There are eight:
• Creator
• Star
• Supporter
• Deal Maker
• Trader
• Accumulator
• Lord
• Mechanic

You’ll find your token to run your profile << here >> (give us a couple days after purchasing your membership for us to add this.

You can use your token at this link << here >> and then upload your profile << here >>.

Finally, you can book in a personal profile debrief with one of our Flow Consultants by using this link << here >>. The debrief takes about 45 minutes

We’ll take you the profile and how you can apply it in your personal life and business life to optimize your own flow.

Business Flow
Business is a journey with all its ups and downs. Grow often looks something like this:

When things are going well it can seem easy. When things aren’t going so well everything can seem hard.