There are four levels of membership, one is free and the other three are paid:

  • F2O Ready
  • F2O BluePrint
  • F2O Insight
  • F2O Oversight

They represent different levels of your business evolution as you transition from business founder to business owner.

F2O Ready

F2O Ready is a free introductory set of resources.  It’s designed for those who want to get their head around the concepts and approach.  To find out if transitioning from founder to owner is a journey you want to explore.

F2O BluePrint

F2O is the core set of resources to support the Founder to Owner transition.  It includes key processes and tools for the business owner to use in their own business.

F2O Insight

F2O Insight introduces you to the role of Advisory Boards and how to use them in your business.  Insight is the key to creating and executing better strategy.  We will help you establish your own Advisory Board.  The Advisory Board are the “stewards of strategy”.

F2O Oversight

F2O Oversight introduces you to the role of Governance Boards and how to use it in your business.  Oversight is the key to making better business decisions and increasing Enterprise Value.  We will help you better structure your Governance Board.  The Governance Board are the “guardians of the mission”.