Business Balance Sheet is your virtual business advisor for founders.  There is a lot of material out there, and resources to support people build better sales, better leardership, better operations.  But there is very little out there aimed squarely at helping founders “own” their business.  This is about helping you get “on” the business and not be “in” it all the time.

So why would we care?

Well, business can be challenging.  As the business grows it comes with more and more responsibilities with lots of complications.  And that can be overwhelming and not necessarily what we thought we signed up for.  Business Balance Sheet is about helping you design and build the systems and rhythms to take away the day to day dependency on you in the business so that you can effectively monitor it and measure it, without meddling.

Over time this is what I did, and if that is what you are after as well then lets step in to the journey.

Don’t be trapped by your business.  Get it to serve you.