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Business Balance Sheet exists to serve the small to medium business segment: $2M to $50M.  We support business founders, business owners and the people charged with running the business. 

We are here to help you build a business ownership system.  Not to run the business, but to own the business.  We’ll guide you so that you can choose the way you engage with your business and let you focus on the parts you love.

If you want to learn the financials in a user friendly way or begin the transition of your business to a more you-friendly approach then click below to start the journey.

Latest Articles

New Year. New You?

New Year. New You?

Welcome to 2022. We often get asked as we start a new year "what are your new year resolutions?" I'm never quite sure how to respond as some people love the idea of renewal based on a New Year whilst others think it is a bunch of Wah. Personally, I'm in the middle on...

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Get a Dog

Get a Dog

Meet Diego. He's an English staffy and he LOVES to walk.  Which means I end up walking a lot as well. He starts nudging me around 6am.  Luckily for me I'm an early riser so we get up and go.  Any day I'm not walking he sulks.  As a result I have found multiple walking...

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Getting To Flow

Getting To Flow

Business is all about momentum.  Jim Collins talks about building a flywheel. Momentum builds.  Take an Action. Get a Result. Take an Action. Get a Result. Rinse. Repeat. Creating and maintaining momentum is about flow, in the business sense.  When things are going...

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Our Products


The thing that underpins the success of business are the financials. They are the scorecard of your success. But most business owners do not really understand them. But, the power is in the balance sheet.
The professionals have made the financials seem hard and scary. They don’t have to be. This book will guide you through the basics from a business perspective not the gobbledygook from an accountant perspective. Learn the financials and it will start the journey to the next level

Financial Diagnostic

If you want to really gain an insight in to the state of your business then we recommend undertaking a financial diagnostic.
This involves providing us a copy of your financial statements for the last 3-5 years. To get the most value from this diagnostic, the financial statements should include the following:

1. Income Statement (Profit/Loss Statement) 2. Balance Sheet 3. Cashflow Statement

Founder To Owner

F2O is a set of programs to help you transition from founder to owner. As founders, we start out our businesses with all the passion in the world to create something different. And we do. And then the business takes over because we don’t know how to get out of it. We serve it, when it should serve us. F2O shows you how to change the equation and start the transition.


BusinessBalanceSheet.com provides a collection of tools and programs to help you grow your business and make your transition from Founder to Owner. We include programs that are both self-guided and advisor guided. They provide you the core of what you will need, but everyone’s needs are different and we are here to help. You can access additional help through our Advisory Services. If you would like to understand more about how we best help you then book a call with us now

Funding Assessment

This is a COMPLIMENTARY analysis of your business performance and provide some quick insight in to the likely sources of funding capital to grow your company.


This site is aimed at providing you tools to help you build your own capability to build your own business. It includes articles, assessments and diagnostics. However, we are mindful that there may be circumstances where you want some insight in to your own particular situation. If that is the case then you can engage us to provide some specific advice and consulting.

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