The Power is in the Balance Sheet!

My goal is to help educate and empower small to medium business owners to get the most out of their business.

Business owners are busy!  If you’ve kept your business going for more than a couple years you know this already.  There’s also an assumption that if you are through the “start-up” phase then you know what you are doing, and know everything there is to know about financial management and its role in managing a business.  But, from most of my conversations with business owners, it’s an area that many are weak in.  But it can be embarrassing to admit it.  It shouldn’t be.

This book is to here to help you understand your financials and how they drive everything.  Knowing some of the key numbers and metrics behind the financials won’t make your business better by itself.  But they will show you which business processes are driving those numbers.  You can work on those business processes and the associated people and systems.

The Power is in the Balance Sheet will give you the information and the rationale, from a Business Owner perspective, to know where to look, what questions to ask, and how to ultimately hold on to more of the cash that passes through your business rather than letting it sit with your customers and suppliers.


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  • The Power is in the Balance Sheet

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