Welcome to the Business Balance Sheet blog!  This is a new site that we’ve launched to educate you about the power of the balance sheet and the value it can provide in helping you set business strategy.  Business strategy? Yep, in over ten years of building, operating and selling businesses I’ve learnt a few things and made plenty of mistakes.

First things first, I’m not an accountant.  I actually trained as an Engineer, though I’m not sure I was particularly good.  So why am I such a fan of the balance sheet? Because it tells you so much about how the business is running – and it is also the thing that the people are going to lend you money, or invest in you are looking at as well.

So if you want to get the best deal terms, give away the least amount of equity for the funds provided, or maximise the value for exit then you better learn about it as well.  You need to understand the way that these guys think so you optimise your own business.  And here’s the thing, if you optimise your business using the insight that the balance sheet can provide, you may just find you don’t need those funds you were seeking in the first place.  They may already be sitting inside your own business.

Pretty cool, right? Well I think so.  So join me on the journey by providing your email details in the subscribe link at the top right of the page.  I’m going to talk about a bunch of topics in pretty straightforward language, as well as talk about areas of confusion that you have and want to raise with me.